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Anna Tatishvili

Current ranking:
WTA Singles #105 (June, 2016)
WTA Doubles #125 (June, 2016)

Best ranking:
WTA - Singles #50 (Oct 08, 2012)
WTA - Doubles #59 (May 21, 2012)

At Roland Garros 2016

Endorsement by Anna Tatishvili - Image


Testimonial from Brigita Bercyte "I visited Dimitar Tennis Academy when I was 16-years-old just to try out the full-time academy for two weeks. With that said, I never used the returning ticket to go back home and stayed at the academy for two full years before accepting a tennis scholarship at Wake Forest University. It turned out that Dimitar Tennis Academy was everything I was looking for, as it included fitness and mental toughness programs on top of the tennis practices. Dimitar really cares about his players and constructs a hard-working atmosphere to train in as he pushes the academy students to reach their potential on the tennis court. He came to most of my matches to help me out, even if the tournament was in Florida. I have greatly improved while at the academy and couldn’t have gotten a full scholarship to an ACC university if not for Dimitar and his great team of tennis professionals." (Brigita Bercyte)

Testimonial from Peter Jivkov "I have been practicing at Dimitar Tennis Academy from day one, and I am proud to say that I have made the right decision staying there. Dimitar is a very experienced coach who gives each player lots of personal attention, and also pushes them to utilize every second they spend on the court. Dimitar Tennis Academy offers a perfect combination of mental and physical training that prepares a player well for an upcoming tournament. It is also a place where any level of player can practice and rapidly improve. Over my years at DTA, I have felt my game solidify and consistently improve. Also, I have seen many others around me improve at a rate I didn’t think was possible. A great thing about the courts at Hilton Beachfront Resort is that they are a few hundred feet away from the beach. Their location really gives each player a more enjoyable time out on the court. On top of my game improving from training with Dimitar, practicing at DTA has also made me a better person. I believe that anybody who decides to train at Dimitar Tennis Academy will experience the best tennis program in Santa Barbara and will also become a better individual." (Peter Jivkov)

Testimonial from Pierre Boulanger "My son Samuel has taken instructions from excellent coaches before but his game stayed at a recreational level. Since he started with Dimitar, his game skyrocketed. Outside coaches told me that "his form looks like an instructional video" and also that "I could retire with his tennis" - although that is definitely pushing it, it's an indication on his progress over the last few months. I believe the key to Dimitar's success is the technical nature of his knowledge and instruction style. He explains HOW to execute the different strokes and can then correct you down to the smallest details as you want. The combination of that one-on-one stroke instruction and excellent group clinics has been the key to Samuel's improvement. In additional to Dimitar, the assistant coaches are fun and stimulating for Samuel. He developed great relationship with them and taps them with during the clinics on whatever he wants to improve - approach shots, put aways or strategy against moon ballers. Dimitar Tennis Academy provides a good balance between fun and 'work'; we can't get Samuel off the courts anymore. My wife and I also take some lessons with Dimitar; he adapts well to our needs and makes every lesson productive. Makes me wish I was thir..humm...fifteen years younger so I could learn as fast as Samuel. On a side but important note, I have never seen Dimitar in a bad mood. He is definitely dedicated to the school and genuinely cares to make his students improve and love tennis - a win-win scenario for all. Go Dimitar Tennis Academy!!" (Pierre Boulanger)

Testimonial from Phillip Hicks "My son Phillip Hicks, has been with Dimitar for the past 2 years and we've seen a huge difference in his tennis. He's more focused, his strokes are improving daily, his fitness has greatly increased, and he's really enjoying the game again. The private lessons are the most comprehensive I've seen and Dimitar does not let anything slip by. Dimitar believes in total fitness to improve ones game, and Phillip's day with Dimitar Tennis Academy includes conditioning and weight training. This is a great program that's I recommend to everyone" (Georgette Topakas-Hicks)

 Testimonial from Winnie Wang
Testimonial from Winnie Wang
"Dimitar Tennis Academy has a great program for all levels of Junior tennis players and Dimitar is a wonderful coach. He sets a high standard to every kid and pushes kids to a new level. Apart from improving student's basic techniques persistently, the most striking aspect of his coaching is that he instills the importance of work ethic and hard work. My kids have really enjoyed and benefited from his rigorous training drills and fun-filled fitness sessions." (Winnie Wang)

Testimonial from Taryn Mjelde "Being on the Girl's Santa Barbara High School team, I need to be in the best shape possible, and that is why I work out at Dimitar Tennis Academy. The combination of Dimitar and Sara's drills and match play and Perry's fitness allows me to get the best training possible." (Taryn Mjelde)

Testimonial from Mattea and Shari Kilstofte "I love the instruction I get at Dimitar Tennis Academy. Everyday I look forward to going there. Dimitar and Sara are great coaches and I learn so much from them. It is the best Tennis Academy I have ever been to. While learning a lot, I also have a lot of fun. I am so thankful Dimitar for all of your help!" (Mattea Kilstofte)

"When I was looking for a Clinic for my daughter, Mattea, I really wanted to find a place where she could get excellent instruction and continue to excel in Tennis. Dimitar Tennis Academy is the place! I like the fact that Dimitar Tennis Academy also incorporates conditioning/fitness instruction in their clinics. I believe the conditioning helps with Injury Prevention and foot speed. Mattea loves it there and is improving everyday. Dimitar is an excellent Coach! He has a wonderful staff that knows how to inspire the kids and get them to succeed! Dimitar is also a very nice person and Mattea enjoys working with him." (Shari Kilstofte)

Endorsed and recommended by Grigor Dimitrov!

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News & Announcements

• Vasyl at his 2016 clay journey in Europe. Great experience!!!

Eddie Herr Tournament 2015 Vasyl Yazadzhiev

• We are now accepting players for the 2022/2023 Tennis Academy program. Players must demonstrate advanced skills during their player evaluation in order to be considered. Space is very limited so please contact us for more information.

• All of our junior clinics are now certified for independent Physical Education (PE) program.

• We are proud to announce the new “Tennis & Language” Program for international tennis players. The program is for non-English speaking junior tennis players who can come and train at Santa Barbara School of Tennis as they learn English in a leading ESL program in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, please contact us.

Mina Yazadzhiev

• Dimitar Tennis Academy offers seasonal/part-time employment as tennis coaches for international student tennis players as interns, CPT (curriculum practical training-during the course of study) or OPT (optional practical training post-graduation). Please contact us for more information.

• Grigor Dimitrov beats David Goffin to win 2017 Nitto ATP Finals title! Grigor finished as world number 3 for 2017.

Grigor Dimitrov won Brisbane 2017

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